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Graduate Syllabi
Course Number Course Title Syllabus
ChE 531 Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering Syllabus
ChE 565 Corrosion Engineering Syllabus
ChE 610 Fluidization Engineering Syllabus
ChE 611 Powder Technology Syllabus
ChE 615 Transport Phenomena Syllabus
ChE 620 Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Syllabus
ChE 625 Chemical Reaction Engineering Syllabus
ChE 687 Materials Engineering Syllabus
ChE 716 Advanced Fluid Dynamics Syllabus
ChE 717 Advanced Heat Transfer Syllabus
ChE 718 Advanced Mass Transfer Syllabus
ChE 720 Applied Statistical and Molecular Thermodynamics Syllabus
ChE 726 Catalysis Syllabus
ChE 730 Advanced Numerical Methods
ChE 761 Polymer Rheology Syllabus